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Riddickart: The Art of Mark Riddick - underground death metal illustration since 1991


>> April 23rd, 2015

Work in progress.

Painting Progress

Originals Available

>> April 21st, 2015

I’ve made a few of my original framed illustrations available through my online store front.



Logos From Hell – Second Edition

>> April 18th, 2015

Logos from Hell offers a glimpse into the most extreme and underground movement of logo identity branding in the history of graphic design. This 600-page tome is a visual onslaught of logo illustrations—for the heaviest metal bands on the planet—conjured by over thirty of the most talented and sought-after artists in the industry, including Christophe Szpajdel, Chris Moyen, Daniel Corcuera, Putrid, Kam Lee, Steve Crow, Kris Verwimp, Alan Corpse, Christopher Horst, Alemsahim, Diego Hellbastard, Antichrist Kramer, Toshihiro Egawa, Thomas Westphal, Raoul Mazzero, and many more! Compiled by underground death metal illustrator—Mark Riddick, with foreward by Michel “Away” Langevin—of Voivod fame—Logos from Hell seeks to inspire, bewilder, and challenge the reader to embrace sound design principles guised by the monstrous. Unleashed by one of the rising leaders in extreme metal music audio/visual publishing, Doomentia Records and Press, Logos from Hell is the perfect addition to your library whether you’re a metal music fan or a visual expert.

ORDER USA: http://riddickart.bigcartel.com/
ORDER OVERSEAS: www.doomentia.com



>> April 18th, 2015

T-Shirt illustrations in progress for the REVIVAL video game by IllFonic. One more to go…



D.O.A. Magazine Feature

>> April 9th, 2015

The new issue of long-standing D.O.A. Magazine (formerly S.O.D. Magazine) showcases some of my artwork. Also featured in issue #666 is artist—Paolo Girardi, and bands like ABOMINATOR, OBITUARY, and GRUESOME, etc., plus cover artwork by Edward Repka!