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rtist Mark Riddick, reputable illustrator for the underground death metal music scene, launched his freelance career as a teenager in 1991 when he began illustrating logos, demo cassette covers, 7” EP record covers, and filler artwork for cut & paste underground death metal fanzines, bands, and record labels worldwide. In 1998, Riddick earned his undergraduate degree in Fine Arts from Greensboro College in North Carolina. Since finishing college, Riddick has pursued his freelance career by continuing to illustrate for underground and popular metal bands alike. Riddick’s artwork has been published by hundreds of metal bands as wide-ranging as Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, Arsis, Autopsy, Bloodbath, Carnifex, Deceased, Dethklok, Dying Fetus, Exodus, Gatecreeper, Grave, Hirax, Horrendous, Internal Bleeding, Morbid Angel, Mortician, Mystifier, Nunslaughter, Revel in Flesh, Revocation, Rotting Christ, Skeletal Remains, Skullfist, Suffocation, The Black Dahlia Murder, Thy Art Is Murder, Torture Killer, Varathron, and Warbringer, etc. Outside of the metal music scene, Riddick has completed work for pop and hip-hop artists such as Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Pusha-T, and City Morgue. In addition, Riddick’s talent has also been solicited by other media outlets such as television: “Metalocalypse” (Adult Swim), “Ghost Adventures,” (Travel Channel), “Law & Order” (NBC), “Stan Against Evil” (IFC), and “The Demons of Dorian Gunn” (PopTV); fashion brands: Anti Denim, Born a Bad Seed, Cvrsed, Death Saves, Dolls Kill, Hiro, Hybrid Legacy, Mason Clothing, Lip Service, Raised By Wolves, Rebel8, Rideau, Stay Cold, The Hundreds, Weird Clothing; and Microbreweries: 3Floyds, Adroit Theory, and Brash. Furthermore, Riddick has participated in numerous gallery exhibits domestically and overseas, has published several books, most notably “Compendium of Death,” a 600-page volume showcasing twenty years (1991-2001) of illustration content, “Logos from Hell,” a 600-page book about extreme metal logos with over thirty contributing artists, and “Morbid Visions,” a tome showcasing over 400 pages of completed artwork between 2012-2016. Riddick’s work has been featured in a variety of art/culture books and celebrated heavy metal publications like Cvlt Nation, D.O.A., Hail Yourself, Kerrang!, Kvlt, Legacy, Metal Hammer, Metal Maniacs, Metal Sucks, Nefarious Realm, Pit, Revolver, Terrorizer, Zero Tolerance, etc.; as well as popular culture publications like Bandcamp, Complex, Dazed, Fangoria, Highsnobiety, Joia, Rolling Stone, Vice, What Youth, and Wired. Although unique illustration opportunities continue to present themselves, Riddick stays committed to his distinct and gruesome black and white illustrative approach and fervent dedication to underground death metal music.


Morbid Visions

2016 / Hard cover / 376 pages

Published by Doomentia Records and Press, Morbid Visions compiles underground death metal illustrator Mark Riddick's work from the past few years into one hard cover tome. Almost 400 pages boasting Riddick's best work to date including unpublished illustrations, sketches, and logos for some of the most extreme bands in the heavy metal scene. Includes an extensive and in-depth introduction by Riddick's twin brother.

Logos from Hell

2015 / Hard cover / 600 pages

Logos from Hell offers a glimpse into the most extreme and underground movement of logo identity branding in the history of graphic design. This 600-page tome is a visual onslaught of logo illustrations—for the heaviest metal bands on the planet—conjured by over thirty of the most talented and sought-after artists in the industry, including Christophe Szpajdel, Chris Moyen, Daniel Corcuera, Putrid, Kam Lee, Steve Crow, Kris Verwimp, Alan Corpse, Christopher Horst, Alemsahim, Diego Hellbastard, Antichrist Kramer, Toshihiro Egawa, Thomas Westphal, Raoul Mazzero, and many more! Compiled by underground death metal illustrator—Mark Riddick, with foreward by Michel “Away” Langevin—of Voivod fame—Logos from Hell seeks to inspire, bewilder, and challenge the reader to embrace sound design principles guised by the monstrous. Unleashed by one of the rising leaders in extreme metal music audio/visual publishing, Doomentia Records and Press, Logos from Hell is the perfect addition to your library whether you’re a metal music fan or a visual expert.

Compendium of Death

2012 / Hard cover / 600 pages / Out of print

A 20-year retrospective book featuring illustrations by notorious underground death metal artist, Mark Riddick. Published by Doomentia Press (www.doomentia.com), “Compendium of Death” boasts almost 600 pages, bound in hard cover format with introduction by Mike Abominator, an in-depth interview from 2011, and packed with over 700 images of unearthed corpses, mounds of entrails, and unholy rituals drawn for some of death metal’s most iconic and underground bands. First 100 copies accompanied by a signed and numbered 5-print set, first 25 copies with an original piece of art by Mark Riddick.

Gallery Exhibits

January “Path of Dissent” – Eridanos Tattoo & Gallery – Cambridge, MA
April “Bones Exhibit” – Galerie F – Chicago, IL
April “Roadburn Festival” – 013 Venue – Tilberg, The Netherlands
May “Vile” – Eridanos Tattoo & Gallery – Cambridge, MA
August “David Brockie/GWAR Tribute” – MF Gallery – Brooklyn, NY
October “Murmurs from the Tomb” – Nerdiest Show Room – Los Angeles, CA
December “Under the Vinyl” – Tel Aviv, Israel
March “Goredeck” – Gallery Excube – Osaka, Japan
April “Suck It All” – Honey’s Dead Shop – Tokyo, Japan
July “MF Gallery 10th Anniversary Exhibit” – Brooklyn, NY
September “Goredeck” – Gallery Algea – Tokyo, Japan
October “Blacklist” – Gristle Tattoo/Gallery – Brooklyn, NY
October “MF Gallery 11th Annual Halloween Art Show” – Brooklyn, NY
November “Illuminator Art Festival” – Gedung, Indonesia
March “Gripper Heat” – Tel Aviv, Israel
November “Life & Death in Black and White” – Loren Naji Gallery – Cleveland, OH
March “All the Colors of the Dark” – Awful Nice Gallery – St. Louis, MO
June “Zombies Attack Brooklyn” – MF Gallery – Brooklyn, NY
January “Inaugural Exhibit” – MF Gallery Genova – Genova, Italy
June “First Annual Rock & Ink” – Walls Fine Art Gallery – Norfolk, VA
June “All-A-Board Skate Art Exhibit” – Tel Aviv, Israel
October “Seventh Annual Halloween Art Show” – MF Gallery – Brooklyn, NY
December “Rejoice O’ Kanibels” – Gallery 139 – Pomona, CA
Permanent Exhibit MF Gallery Genova – Genova, Italy
January “0 x 100” – Galeria de Muerte – Tokyo, Japan
April “Zombies Attack Again” – MF Gallery – New York City, NY
April “Dia de los Muertos” – Galeria de Muerte – Tokyo, Japan
May Night Gallery Ceramics – Santa Ana, CA
October Fontanas “Unsound NYC” – New York City, NY
May “Zombies Attack” – MF Gallery, New York City, NY
June “Entartete Kunts” – Optic Nerve Arts, Portland, OR
July “Riddickart Exhibit” – Strangeland Records, Annandale, VA
September “California Death Metal Festival” – Fresno, CA
September “5th Annual Halloween Art Show” – MF Gallery, New York City, NY