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California-based old school-inspired death metal maniacs, GRAVEHILL, are in the process of completing work on a new full-length recording. I have been commissioned to illustrate four pieces for the band in support of their new album. Find below, the first two of four. Prepare for complete poser-slaughter . . .


“Devil Worshiper”

HEADROT CD Available

The repressing of early 90s death metal monsters, HEADROT, has now been issued by Pathos Productions. I was responsible for all of the artwork, layout, and liner notes of the release. Copies of this foul CD are available through the ‘Riddickart’ online store. Buy and die.

Cover artwork for Die You Poser ‘zine

Die You Poser ‘zine, from the Philippines, will feature an interview in their next issue concerning my artwork and band, FETID ZOMBIE. This is a cut and paste underground ‘zine, done the old and true way. No fucking gloss cover, no mainstream metal advertisements nor other such bullshit…true and die-hard metal fanaticism only. You can see here the cover artwork I conjured from Hell for the next issue.

New Illustration for BEHEADED

Bloodline Productions (Thailand), requested an exclusive T-Shirt illustration for the Maltese death metal band, BEHEADED, for the “Hymns of Disembowelment III” show they will be playing in Bangkok this March.