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FERAL T-Shirt Illustration

A new T-Shirt illustration for Swedish death metal band, FERAL. The shirt will be available during their upcoming tour with country mates, DEMONICAL.


The front and back gatefold artwork for SLAUGHTER COMMAND’s “Ride the Tornado” full-length has finally been inked. Be sure to pick this one up…it will be a speed fucking metal assault from these German maniacs. See a detail of the illustration below.

Necroharmonic Productions T-Shirt Artwork

T-Shirt illustration for legendary American label, Necroharmonic Productions. Necroharmonic has been supporting  excellent underground death metal bands since the early 90s; their products are highly recommended!

Vorum Artwork

T-Shirt illustration for Finnish dark death metal act, VORUM. Be sure to check out their recent split 7″ with VASAELETH, via Negative Existence Records.

Artwork for Swedish death metal band, DEMONICAL

This illustration will appear on the cover of the limited cassette edition of DEMONICAL’s next full-length effort, “Death Infernal.” The art will also be available on a T-Shirt for their performance in Bangkok, Thailand—sponsored by Bloodline Productions!