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ARCH ENEMY T-Shirt Artwork

Inked T-Shirt illustration for ARCH ENEMY (Sweden) in support of their upcoming “Summer Slaughter” tour.


ARCH ENEMY_Riddick_2015

RIDDICKART Skateboards

For those who skate or just want something cool to hang on their wall, I’ve placed a new skateboard deck (and retired a few other designs) in my online shop.

RIDDICKART SKATEBOARDS: http://www.boardpusher.com/riddickart

Riddickart_Skateboards 3


Just barely getting started on this T-Shirt illustration for ARCH ENEMY (Sweden).

ARCH ENEMY: https://www.facebook.com/archenemyofficial

ARCH ENEMY_Riddick_Progress 1

Cannibalize Fanzine

One of two illustrations (plus logo) for CANNIBALIZE underground fanzine (Brazil).

CANNIBALIZE Fanzine_Riddick

REVIVAL T-Shirt Artwork

T-Shirt illustrations for Ill-Fonic’s “Revival” video game.

REVIVAL: https://www.revivalgame.com

REVIVAL_Riddick_Shirts 2015