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REVEL IN FLESH – “Nightrealm Ghoul”

“Nightrealm Ghoul” T-Shirt illustration for my good friends, REVEL IN FLESH (Germany).

REVEL IN FLESH: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Revel-in-Flesh/304228902958414

REVEL IN FLESH_Riddick_Nightrealm Ghoul


Inferna Profundis Records (Lithuania) has beautiful 70cm x 100cm LUCTUS (Lithunaian black metal) flags available featuring my artwork. They also have flags supporting other great bands like ASPHYX, BLASPHEMY, MARDUK, etc. among other products.

INFERNA PROFUNDIS RECORDS: http://ipr666.bigcartel.com/

LUCTUS: https://luctus.bandcamp.com/