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Belieb Me, I’m Not Out of My Mind

Here is some of the JUSTIN BIEBER merchandise featuring both of the logos I worked on. One is from my imagination while the other is based around the Banco typeface‚ÄĒpopularized by Thrasher Magazine. Images are courtesy of Universal Music Group.

Now it’s time to address all of the mixed feedback regarding these logos. We all know that sub-cultural phenomenons find a way into mainstream media; there is a natural curiosity about forbidden things (such as heavy metal culture). This isn’t the first time I’ve been solicited for mainstream work; past examples include requests from the Cartoon Network (DETHKLOK), Volvo Auto, Travel Channel, Ill-Fonic video games, and others. If you think I made a fortune off of these logos you’re mistaken. I charge all of my clients the same flat rate whether your JUSTIN BIEBER or NUNSLAUGHTER, etc. Some might think I’m out of my mind, but as an artist I’m always looking for unique and interesting challenges on occasion, especially after doing this kind of work for 25 years, getting out of my comfort zone can be a healthy change every so often. So when one of the most popular music artists in the world comes to me asking for logo designs, I accept the challenge. Working with FEAR OF GOD and BIEBER’s team has been one of my most enlightening work experiences I’ve ever had. Having a brief look into how popular music functions behind the scenes was an absolute culture shock for me and well worth the experience. If it’s any consolation, working on JUSTIN BIEBER logo sketches while blasting INVOCATION SPELLS, HORRENDOUS, DEATHHAMMER, SKELETAL REMAINS and similar bands is the ultimate irony.