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FETID ZOMBIE, “Epicedia”

New FETID ZOMBIE CD/MC/Digital album, “Epicedia,” is available now from Trancending Obscurity (India).



Here is what the press has been saying about the release:

“Possibly the quintessential album of 2016 by fucking miles.” – Headbanger Reviews

“Without a doubt one of the best albums of 2016.” – All About the Rock

“One of 2016’s most impressive extreme releases.” – Sonic Abuse

“Another example of why 2016 is turning out to be a banner year for heavy music.” – Those Once Loyal

“Lived up to the hype, confirming the rumors about the greatness of the album.” – The Dead Man Blog

“A grand experiment that successfully breaks all the rules of death metal and elevates the genre to bold new heights.” – DOA Magazine

“Underground and repugnant, but also big and boundless.” – Metal Sucks

“Gnarly, epic, forward-thinking-yet-utterly-feral masterpiece.” – Decibel Magazine

“A band who go for the throat, padding out a sound reminiscent of 80s death metal.” – Metal Injection

“Compositional maturity that puts it in front of everything Riddick has done with this project before.” – No Clean Singing

“The musicianship is second to none here, and should start to give Riddick a musical following that rivals that of his artwork.” – Dead Rhetoric

“For fans of unpolished and older death metal with a mountain 80s influence.” – Zwaremetalen

“A guarantee for lovers of old school sounds.” – Metal Eyes

“Enjoyable and full of riffs and varied atmospheres.” – Necromance

“You will never find moments of boredom or any kind of filler.” – Sound Distortion Magazine

“It’s a classic, coming from the very beginnings of moldy death metal.” – Deadly Storm